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    NAS Kingsville, TX Museums

    The King Ranch is one of the most important local businesses in Kingsville, and the King Ranch Museum preserves the history of this ranch, one of the largest in the USA.

    The Texas State Aquarium is located in Corpus Christi. It focuses mainly on sea life from the Gulf of Mexico, including fish, jellyfish, dolphins, otters, and sea turtles, but also has an Amazon rainforest section with boas and poison frogs.

    The USS Lexington museum ship is today in Corpus Christi Bay, near the aquarium; this aircraft carrier is a WWII era ship (but not the same as the ship lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea), and the oldest carrier in the world. Tours are available.

    The Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures has a mission of promoting cultural understanding of Asia and India. This local museum is downtown, near the museum district.

    The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History is also in the museum district, and features a number of exhibits on local history, and various sciences, including some hands-on activities, a kids' zone, a science gift shop, camps, and science shows.

    The Instituto de Cultura Hispanica de Corpus Christi (Hispanic Culture Institute of Corpus Christi) is dedicated to promoting awareness of Hispanic culture and history.

    The Texas Maritime Museum is a history, art, and technology museum focused on ships and sailing in, to, and near Texas. The museum has summer camps and winter classes.

    The Texas Surf Museum focuses on surfing along Texas' coast, which has some great waves. Exhibits include photos, boards through the years, and other surfing gear. Cowabunga, pardner.