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    NAS Kingsville, TX History

    NAS Kingsville was being considered as a site for a training facility in the fall of 1941, when the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and entry of the US into World War Two greatly sped up Navy decision speed. In short order 3,000 acres of land was purchased from the Sims family, all buildings demolished except for the main farmhouse, which was kept as housing for airfield commanders, and two airfields, training facilities, barracks, and other necessary buildings erected. The station was opened July 4, 1942, and for the next three years provided training for Navy and Marine aviators in dive-bombing, anti-submarine warfare, and gunnery skills.

    NAS Kingsville was inactivated for several years after World War Two, during which time it was leased by the City of Kingsville, and sub-leased to Texas A&I University as an agricultural education center. It was later returned to Navy service, and became a training center for single-engine aircraft, mainly for overland flying.